We are energetic coaches. 

Coaching services.

We bring significant experience coaching individuals and leaders.  Coaching is a helpful process when someone feels "stuck."  Clients who benefit from coaching may find they also feel: uncertain, less effective than desired, or dissatisfied with their job, health, relationships, or life in general.

Coaching is a way to gather insight and shift performance by trying new thinking and behaviors.  Often, a coaching client feels that they want to get clearer about who they are, where they are, what they want, and how to get there.  Many individuals find coaching a helpful process to be more intentional with their time and efforts.  Coaching often leaves clients feeling clearer, more focused, having gained perspective, and more motivated and committed to the changes they want to make and a life they want to have.  Coaching is a confidential process, which enables clients to be authentic and find real answers.

We help clients assess and identify areas of focus, establish clear and achievable goals, and discover the motivation, commitment, and accountability to these goals.  We offer supportive challenge. perspective, focus, and accountability.  When needed, we use assessment tools to provide a comprehensive look at a client's interests, aptitudes, behaviors, personality, values, etc.  With permission from the client, we may also ask for input from others involved in their life to add additional perspective.

Coaching fees.

Fees are either per session or total 'project hours.'  Fees are negotiated based on expected hours and scope.  Please visit the 'Contact Us' link above to inquire.

Coaching forms.

Coaching Agreement and Client Information Sheet