We are experienced, knowledgeable mental health providers. 

Counseling services.

We believe that all of us learn best when given a warm, supportive, safe, and positive person, relationship, and space to explore and resolve some of life's transitions and challenges.  Therapy is about finding "fit" and establishing trust between client and therapist.  Therapy is a confidential relationship with a trained and licensed professional.  We work with each client to assess and identify areas of focus, therapeutic goals, and best approach.

We bring a depth of experience counseling adolescents 12+, adults, couples, and families experiencing anxiety and worries, panic, fear, trauma/PTSD, eating and body concerns, addictions and other impulse control challenges, depression, loss and grief, life transitions, self esteem, and relationship challenges.

We pride ourselves on providing collaborative consultation and case management with other professionals involved in your care and life, such as: psychiatrists, teachers, social workers, parenting consultants, probation, chemical health counselors, etc.  This collaboration is done only with your permission.

Counseling is primarily conducted in our offices; however, some of our therapists do offer confidential, interactive video counseling.

Mental health therapy fees.

We are in network with Blue Cross Blue Shield, Preferred One, Ucare, Medical Assistance, Tricare, and Hennepin Health. Please contact your insurance provider prior to the first session to verify coverage levels.  We also accept clients who prefer to pay for services directly.  We use a secure payment technology to process out-of-pocket payments with a credit card.  If you do not have insurance coverage, we offer a sliding/reduced fee scale because we believe everyone should have access to high quality and affordable therapeutic services.