We are professional providers of employee assistance services.    

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Employee Assistance Provider (EAP) services.  

Employee assistance is a critical service that organizations can leverage to promote enhanced wellbeing, resilience, and effectiveness for employees, leaders, and teams.  In partnership with an organization, we meet with employees and teams at all levels to provide consultation, information and resources, coaching, and referrals.  We also create and deliver customized programs and education on resiliency, interpersonal effectiveness, communication, trust, team development, change and transition, etc.  We bring significant work and leadership experience, which informs us as we work with organizations and employees.   We understand the significance of helping people in a work community increase their wellness, productivity, and contribution.   

Clinical supervision services.

Fees are typically based on contracted or total 'project' hours.  Fees are negotiated based on expected hours and scope.  Please visit the 'Contact Us' link above to inquire.